Wednesday, October 5, 2011

e-Craft Cutting Machine My New Toy!

I have a new addition to my die cut machines......It's the e-Craft by Craftwell.......there is a bit of a learning curve which I plan on mastering here soon...but the two biggest things that I really like are that it does not require a sticky mat to cut do need something that would stabilize thin sheets of cards stock ....but guess what? After a little bit of research ....the item that I am using can be brought from the dollar store how neat is that.....  and Craftwell allows you to import files like SVG and while I do not know how to convert the other types of files yet it will let you convert other files to cut! They have also partnered up with Make the Cut...and how awesome is that!!!! I have been playing with my e-craft machine since this afternoon and I  and see that I will have endless possibilities on creating all kind of neat crafty project.... Don't get me wrong I still love my Cricut.....but it just great being able to have other options when looking for shapes or Font to cut! Here are few pictures....As always Happy Crafting


  1. Wow you are the first person I have found who has this machine, I am so happy for you! I remember when i first heard about it. congrats! I have just decided that my birthday present to myself this year is going to be the silhouette cameo. I also have the cricut but I am looking forward to using svg files and other software to import images.

  2. Girl, I have been waiting to come over and check out your new machine - just waiting for you to enjoy the newness and fun...but I'll be over soon because I need to see it in action! I can hardly wait - it looks like a lot of fun! You are so clever, figuring these things out!! :-)

  3. Hello my dear!
    can sou send me the link, where you bought this?

    that would stabilize thin sheets of cards stock ....but gue


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