Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi Everyone

Today I wanted to share how I make or should I say alter flowers that I get from the store I normally get the white ones...These flowers came from Joann.  As you see I buy them on the bush and then take them apart.  The supplies I used are in the background....... I sprayed it with color wash (butterscotch) first gave it time to dry and then added the a homemade glimmer mist(it's a pink) to it but that did not give it a glimmer at all so then I pulled out the stickles and that did it! I then inked the edges after stickles dried with my distress ink there you have it!( I only did this because I wanted a darker edge but I normally ink the edges first)  I hope that you give it a much cheaper than buying the flowers in the Scrapbooking sections!   And you can make them any color you like....
Happy Crafting Suzy-Q


  1. Very pretty flowers ~ thank you so much for providing the details.

  2. How bout that! It came out really pretty.

  3. Beautiful flowers. I love how you alter them. Great job thanks for sharing!


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