Thursday, October 1, 2015

I love to foil! and faux foil!!!!!!

I just love foiling it is so much fun! I love being able to print and cut it with my silhouette and then being able to foil those cuts here are a few!

Then one day I was in hobby lobby and came across a package of foiled poster board and decided to just cuts some pieces with my Cricut explore ( great for pocket letters) with the deep blade......and also discovered that my silhouette and my punches worked on the poster board too! Yay ...... Hobby Lobby has the large poster board on sale two for a dollar normally 1.19 a piece( I just cut them down to the get about 6 sheets out of one board)  So what I like is you can use just about anything to cut your shapes out and add another element to your project! With your Cricut and the Silhouette  your possibilities are limitless and you don't need a laser printer or heat laminating cool is that! Here are a few that I cut out using punches and my Cricut explore


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