Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chinese Chandelier

I was so excited that I was able to download cut files on my Gypsy I decide to create one myself...here is what I came up with: This is an idea that I found in a book Paper Cut It by Marion Elliot...She has some really great paper crafts that can be adapted so that you can use your Gypsy and Cricut ...I used Gypsy Wanderings and Home Accent for the design and welded all of them together. Then I cut three  out of different colors a darker pink, light pink and bright orange and then pasted them together ..I might add I did this after reading about make lace cardstock using the welding feature on Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog! I plan on making more of these to use at the next party I have!

Here is the link that is for the Gypsy Cut File.   I hope that you enjoy it!

Chinese Chandelier

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  1. Suz-Que that is BEAUTIFUL!! You are so talented!


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