Friday, July 30, 2010

Something new from Fiskars

Was in my local Joann fabric and craft store (shh...don't tell my husband)
and of course the manager just had to tell me about a new crafting tool from Fiskars it a Auto Inking Continuous Stamp Wheel.  I found the stamps are reasonable but the ink is about 6 dollars however, if you get it when Joann is running a sale or have a coupon then the price is not bad at all ! I have also add a link to Fiskars for more information and a video on how to use it that is really good. Happy Crafting Everyone!
Not perfect but  I  had a lot of  fun playing with this Continuous stamp wheel and it can be a little messy but what ink stamp isn't  just wanted to see how it works........I do like how it look on cardstock and the fact that I can stamp a whole page  if I wanted to!


  1. Must...have...stamp...wheel! I really am excited about this. I was too cheap to buy one from Stampin Up without trying one out first at least. Now I can use a COUPON!! YAY! Thanks for telling me they're out. Woo hoo!

  2. Wow.... I have never seen one of these. Looks like a fun toy! ;) Would love to see all the projects you make with it!



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