Saturday, July 30, 2011

Copic Markers

About a week ago I was able to get some free digi stamps at Cutting Cafe one of my favorite sites for digi stamps! I wanted to start getting some copic markers and this was a good reason to get them so that I do my own coloring!  Keep in mind this my first attempt and no where near as nice as some of the wonderful and talented ladies out there! I watched some of the youtube videos by suzannejdean she is very informative and I learned a lot. This Digi Stamp is from  which was used on one of the videos that I watched ...just fell in love with it!  Suzqucrafter21


  1. Wow, that is awesome. I am just getting started with coloring images so I really appreciate the video link. By the way I love you diaper cakes too, especially the details.

  2. I found your blog via Tamika's blog. I am a new follower. LOVE your creations! I am a new follower.



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