Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poor Customer Service!

I try not to post about negative experiences.......but I just had to post about the recent treatment in one of my favorite craft stores this is the letter that I sent corporate I have blanked out the manager's name......

On the Monday, February 6, 2012 I purchased two packs of scrapbook paper when I pick one of the packs up it had a price of 9.95 but it look like it was falling apart so I put it back and picked up the newer looking item but I did not look at the price. However, when I got home I notice that the price was five dollars more than the one I had originally had picked up it was the same item! I took it back on Wednesday, February 8 and I went and got the other one to show them the price was different the store manager  Blank would not adjust the price so I returned the one for the higher price and was going to buy the cheaper one but wanted to look to see if there was any other items that I wanted in the store. While I was in the back of the store near the fabric I overheard him telling another employee to watch me because he felt that I might be stealing from the store! I was very upset and the more I thought about it the more upset I got I confronted him and told that I am in the store every week and that I spend a lot of money in your store and asked him why was he having me watched he said that was his job and that he did that to all the customers I informed him that I not be buying anything and that it would be my last time coming in this Hobby Lobby. I have never been accused of stealing from any store! I have observed this store manager before and felt that he had been rude to other customers; this was my first encounter with him as I have an excellent rapport with the other employees and assistant managers in the store. I have spent well over 2,000 dollars in your store since it has open here in Douglasville and have the receipts to prove it! I know quite a few crafters, teachers and others that frequently shop at this Hobby Lobby here in Douglasville. It would be a shame if they would stop shopping at your store because of the rude behavior and attitude of the store manager! I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

The bad think about this is that after a little reseach online there are quite a few people that have experienced this type of treatment at other Hobby Lobbies acrossed the country! It a shame that a company would allow this type of behavior at their store!!!!!!! As always have a wonderful day!


  1. I would be furious and I would have done the same thing you did. I hope you get a positive response back from Hobby Lobby.

  2. It's sad to me when I hear stories like this.....Why these people do not realize that today......with the economy the way it is....One lost customer not good......I hope you get a positive response from corporate office.....and if others have sent in correspondence on this same person...maybe corporate office needs to find out what's going on with the manager.....That's just bad business........I like HL......don't go to them often because they are not "close" by........I hope all of their store don't operate like this.....Ahhh because there are toooo many other places I can spend my hard earned mooolah.......Hope you heard from them soon....with a favorable response....


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